Part 2


Well, last Week the Cabinets finally came in:

All that Stuff is supposed to fit in my Kitchen?
Oh Boy, I got to move that Light. One more Evening of dry walling, texturing just to move the Light eight Inches.
 The Guys from California Wood Designs at Work.
 Nina is wondering...
Coming together piece by piece.
Of course, no European design without the cabinets opening to the top.
 No Kitchen without this thingy...
Microwave opening here.
Ok, Time to rip out the Carpet:
Meanwhile, the Guy from Classic Marble Design takes careful measurement for the Granite Countertops:
He makes a Template that will be transferred to the Granite Slab.
Meanwhile, trusty old Friend Mike Barber is laying down the Tile underlayment, called Ditra.
(Did I mention it is made in Germany?)
MMike has been doing this for many years, he did both of my Bathrooms, and now the Kitchen. The perfect Tile-Installer!
The Ditra completely laid out, about 320 Square Feet of it. It needs to dry for 24 hours. Shannon doesn't care:
Lets put down some Tiles, Mike!
Mike is very meticulous when it comes to Tiles, I guess. Everything has to be 100% square and level...
We are reaching the Kitchen, finally....
To be continued.....