Part 3


Well, last week the Refrigerator finally came in:

Appliances are being unpacked and placed...
Tight fit here...
 Opening for the Range Hood.
 Carpet Guy finished and re-stretched the Carpet to the Tiles....
The Carpet Cleaner followed and removed 3 Months worth of construction-dust.
 New Ancona Range Hood
Below the Ancona Filter System....
 New NXR 36 Inch Professional Stove:
TThis Glass Shelf was Nina's Idea, so might as well clean it.
Guys from California Marble Design cutting and prepping for the Sink and Countertop.
It takes 4 Guys to lift the Pieces into place:
The Joints are carefully aligned and glued together, then polished.
 Looks Gorgeous!
Has anyone noticed that the Wood-grain always matches the next Drawer or Door? look closely below:
  Next Day is all about Plumbing!  
My Friend and Customer Jeff from Harry's Plumbing is doing all the connections, installing the Faucet and Soap Dispenser.
To be continued.....Monday, when we finish this Job with the Back Splash Installation.
Stay tuned!