Part 4


First real Breakfast at Home in three months!

Mike again doing his magic!
The Back-Splash is being installed.
 He is taking his time....good thing I already paid him... :-)
I wonder if I have enough tiles for that project, Mike doubts it...
The Kitchen is finally finished! The Backsplash, however....
 ...isn't everyone's taste...What do you think?
 Another look at the Backsplash....
 I like it, and that's what counts, right?
 Nina likes it, too
Close-up above the Stove:
 A different view:
TThe Glass shelf above:
And a look at the Microwave:
Well, that was it, I appreciate everyone's patience with me and I hope you enjoyed my little Project, perhaps I have given you some Idea's.
For me, It was a very time-consuming, energy-draining, exhausting, money-pit-Project! LOL!!!

My Thanks go to :

Mike Barber from Barber Handyman Services.
John Hazen with California Wood Design.
The Guys from Classic Marble Design.
Tee Neighbors from Neighbors Construction.
Julian from Steven's Flooring Plus.
Jeff from Harry's Plumbing.
My Neighbors Terry Ludwig and Daryl Brillhart.

And, of Course, last but not least my Girl Nina Taweepong, who lived with me through this Mess!